This is me!

This is me!

Hey there!

I’m Care and as you probably guessed, I live in a city.  I’m a professional by day and at all other times…a wife, a mother and a galpal.  I’m just trying to have it all.  This is my story…welcome to my life.

Care xo

P.S. Take any of my pictures or content and I will hunt you down!

My V.I.P.s:

Husband: That would be THE husband, one and only…the love of my life and my partner in crime.

Liger: Also known as Kid who brings me love, joy and frustrations (like you would not believe).  My life is better because of Liger.

Mom (aka Ah Poh): My Chinese Tiger Mom (a la Amy Chua styles) and Liger’s Ah Poh.

Dad (aka Ah Gong): He is the calmer of the parental units and Liger’s Ah Goong.

Brother (aka QQ): I have one brother who is about 4 years younger than me.  Growing up, we were siblings, playmates and rivals…still are.  No matter what, he is one person who will always be in my corner (whether I like it or not).  QQ is what Liger calls him.

FIL (aka Papa): Husband’s father.  He is called Papa by the grandchildren.

SMIL (aka Zia): FIL’s wife.  She is known as Zia by the grandchildren.

MIL (aka Oma): Husband’s mother and also known as Oma by the grandchildren.

SIL.E (aka Aunty E) and BIL.S (aka Uncle S): Husband’s older sister and her husband.  They have three children (B, S and R) and live in a suburb just outside of Ottawa, Ontario.

BIL.M (aka Uncle M) and SIL.C (aka Aunty C): Husband’s younger brother and his wife.  They also have three children (G, O and E) and live in a suburb just outside of Toronto, Ontario.


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