12 Days of Gratitude – Day 5

I think I may be a day behind on my posts but this focus on the big and little things for which I am grateful is giving me fantastic endorphins!  I will just have to keep up with this natural high!

Day 5…Comfort Food

I.am.not.a.cook (see bottom of 12 Days of Gratitude – Day 1).

So, it should come as no surprise that I got pretty stressed out when Husband let me know that he would be working late yesterday and that he needed my help with dinner for the family.  Much to Kid’s dismay, my damn pride would not allow me to serve another round of grilled cheese sandwiches and canned chicken noodle soup (he would eat this at every meal every day if he could).  Instead, he got some steamed rice with this:

Stir-Fried Pepper Beef

…stir-fried pepper beef with snow peas.  Yes, I made this from scratch (but following a recipe).  Kid ate his entire dinner, Husband had two servings and neither is feeling sick. #Winning

Food has always been very important in Chinese culture and definitely in my family.  The sight of Mom cooking in the kitchen (Dad would also cook but Mom ruled the kitchen) and proudly serving an over-abundance of succulent Chinese dishes has been etched into my memories.  Mom sits back and is content to watch us devour everything she has made.  It still happens today when Husband, Kid and I head over to Mom and Dad’s for dinner – at 9:00 a.m., Mom will call me to ask me what I want on the dinner menu and she will spend the entire day making it to perfection.  What’s her “ancient Chinese secret” ingredient?  LOVE.  It is the reason why Chinese food, especially home cooked Chinese food, is my comfort food.  When I eat Chinese food, I feel connected to Mom and all the love and good intentions she puts forth in each and every meal.

I am learning to cook and have offered to take charge of more meals (mostly Chinese food since Husband doesn’t cook a lot of Chinese food and I want to develop Kid’s palette for food coming from one-half of his genetic make-up) as a way to build my confidence in the kitchen.  I do it as part of a self-challenge but also to make something out of nothing for the two biggest loves-of-my-life, Husband and Kid.

I am really fortunate to have food on our table and especially Mom’s home cooked comfort food.

My own gratitude for Mom’s cooking has been a gentle reminder to me that not everyone is so fortunate.  So many people go to bed with empty bellies and fears about how they will feed their children.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could eliminate hunger year round?  Let’s start with this holiday season – no one should go hungry at Christmas.  If this post has touched you in away, please consider donating to your local food bank.

Thanks for reading.


12 Days of Gratitute – Day 3

I missed publishing my post yesterday.  While Sundays are usually a relaxing put-your-feet up kind of day for most people, I find it generally busy.  Husband starts his 5-day work week on Sundays – this means: (1) Saturdays are our only “family day” so most of the day is spent on Q-time rather than chores; and (2) my chore day is Sunday while I solo parent and have some one-on-one Mama/Kid time with a very active preschooler.  This Sunday was no different except that my parents decided to come for a visit.  Without going into too much detail, I love that my parents want to spend time with their only grandkid but this visit left me feeling like I was I was looking after not 1 but 3 kids!  Of course, after they left, I got a visit from good old-fashioned Chinese guilt.  The silver-lining of this episode of Chinese guilt is that I also started thinking about the amazingness (and not in a Barney Stinson way) of my parents which led to this post (although published a day late).

Day 3…The Parents

Mom and Dad








(Photo Credit: Mark Anthony Studios)

Mom and Dad were born and raised in a very poor part of this world.  Each of them is the second youngest of a number of siblings in the double digits (just imagine the guest list for my wedding – 3 generations of family on each side to start and we haven’t even gotten to Husband’s family and our friends!). They travelled across oceans and settled in Canada in the 1970s in the hopes of creating a better life for them and for their family – to give you a sense of the magnitude of this decision, picture two persons in their mid-20s, travelling across continents with less than $100 in their pockets to settle in a place where they had one relative and where their first language is not the spoken language – yeah, not sure if I have the guts to do this.

Over the years, they worked very hard – they raised two kids and put them through university and college, the Family House (which they/we have lived in since the late 1970s) is paid off, they are finally retired (well, Dad is semi-retired – he goes back to work whenever his old company needs help because he loves it) and enjoying life through travels and spending time with their siblings.  The family was very modest (my parents were very frugal) yet I never felt like I lacked for anything (maybe my own car when I turned 16 but being much older now, it was a smart decision on their part) – we had food on our table (and let me tell you, Chinese home cooking is.the.best), I wore pretty trendy (but not designer) clothes and there was a roof over our head (where I didn’t have to share a room with anyone); I went on all the school trips, family dinners out, presents at Christmas and a lot of family vacations.  It’s not only “not bad” but it’s pretty freaking amazing given Mom and Dad’s very humble beginnings

However, growing up, I KNOW that both Brother and I were challenging (this is probably an understatement) and we took Mom and Dad for granted. We were rebellious – always wanting to do what our friends were “allowed” to do – no matter what they did for us, it was never enough.  Mom and Dad were (are still) on us for everything no matter how big or small (Mom “gently suggested” that I should visit my doctor to confirm for HER that everything is OK with me to produce a second grandchild for her and Mom has also called me numerous times worrying about Brother passing his training exams or whether he and his girlfriend are fighting).  At the top of priorities led Family and Education – it didn’t matter if he was a cousin five times removed who never socialized with my family, if there was a drop of family blood, it was enough and help was given freely and don’t even get me started if I came home with anything less than an A (yes, I have Tiger Parents but they weren’t as intense to ask for an A++).  They still parent like we are 10 years old – note that this has extended to Husband as well because since our wedding, he is family and therefore Mom and Dad feel they have somewhat of a free rein with him (Dad has raked the leaves in our backyard and cleaned out our garage – much to Husband’s dismay as he could not find anything in the garage after that and Mom brought me a new dish rack since the one I currently have is not big enough – not the first time Mom and Dad buy and give us random things  – i.e., an old spice rack, wine decanter, Costco size Coffeemate, back scratcher, etc.).

I could go on and on with many stories of my parents. Their quirks can be exasperating but one theme rises above all – they only do things with great intention.  Mom and Dad would do anything in their power to make things better for Brother, Husband and me.  This is why Mom worries about Brother (and me).  This is why Dad rakes the leaves and cleans out the garage – because Husband and I are busy with our respective careers and an active preschooler.  This is why Mom and Dad buy random stuff for us – because they believe we could use the stuff which they found on sale and we don’t have time to shop for sales. By example , they have shown me to be generous at heart, to care and value family and education and to lead a life with good intention.  I have not perfected these and still slip up but just as they forgive me , so too I have learned to forgive myself and try to do better.

I love you Mom and Dad.

12 Days of Gratitude – Day 1

2012 was not a great year…a lot of sh!t went down that negatively affected me and my family.  Friends and family that were “privileged” to witness all the happenings and the aftermath knew that I/we couldn’t wait to get to 2013.  Now, here we are…coming to the end of 2013 and it hasn’t gotten any better.  In fact, 2013 bestowed on us additional hardships and challenges.  Sure, we have had some highs but it’s been a lot of serious lows.

My birthday was a few days ago…it was a low-key affair.  Sure, I’m busting almost 40 but it was more than an age thing, I just did not feel like celebrating.  Yeah, I’m at THAT point – “What’s there to celebrate?” – It’s a “poor.me.pity.party”.  After flitting in-and-out-of-wallowing (no guarantees that it won’t re-appear here and there) and with the Christmas season upon us, I’m challenging myself to take my attitude into my own hands and write about my 12 days of Christmas gratitude.

Day 1…My Husband.

This is my Husband:


(Photo Credit: Jonathan Ponce)

How do I even begin to put down in words how amazing is this man?

Husband is many things: husband, father, son, brother, friend and he balances all his different roles with a sense of humour and humility.  He is also my rock and my best friend.

Over the course of our relationship from dating to marriage to parenthood, Husband has put up with a lot – I am not the easiest person to love (or sometimes even like) but yet he goes on loving me anyway.

Husband is a caring and strong man who selflessly puts both me and our son ahead of himself.  He is smart (yeah, he kicked my ass at Trivia Pursuit), insightful and principled – he is not afraid to call me on my sh!t.  His easy-going and extroverted nature draws people to him – he can walk into a party by himself and easily walk out with 5 new friends.  His sense of humour is like his dad’s – witty and sometimes just plain stupid but it’s that sense of humour that has made me laugh every day.  He makes this crazy thing called life easier.

We have had such a wonderful adventure so far and have created many great memories.  He has shared with me in the not so great memories but as a team, we will persevere.  He remind’s me that it is really us “against” the world and that’s what I mean when I say he is my rock.

It really is quite difficult to describe all the wonderful things that make up Husband – after all, he is so multi-dimensional.

Don’t get me wrong…he has little annoyances too and as with any relationship, we’ve had a lot of ups and downs and he has pissed me off as much as I have pissed him off.  But that’s just what humanizes him and makes him all the more endearing.

I don’t know or want to imagine what my life would be like if he had never touched it.  I don’t think I could be half the person I am without his constant love and support.

So, thank you Husband for asking and thank you for you.

By the way, did I mention that he is a mean-ass-chef?